Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Video Mapping!

Too often in the political sphere the people on the ground level, those living in the neighborhoods affected by policy change, may not be accurately represented. Lack of ability to talk to professionals in a language they understand is often at fault. In the case of city planners, it is maps and technologically savvy mapping techniques that determine hugely important issues such as zoning changes. Many times these maps are created without the consultation of the neighborhood. In a community this could be the deciding factor in the very identity of it's physical and even cultural feel.

We plan and design the city according to these maps, and people who are affected can and should have a voice in the democratic decision making process. As part of our summer program our youth corps "the worms" had the opportunity to make a video highlighting where they went and how they see the neighborhood. Creating a video map allows them to talk about their neighborhood and claim ownership and responsibility for it. Here we have some of the kids living in the neighborhood of 42nd and Steele Parking Lot Farm giving a tour. They don't have anything to say about setbacks yet, but they can tell you all the best places to find apples, ride bikes, and conversely areas to avoid.

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