Monday, January 5, 2009

Eat Here Now Panel at Mercury Cafe

“Eat Here Now – Growing Food in Denver”

A Panel on the Growth of Urban Agriculture

Come join a few “movers and shakers” in the local food movement, and explore answers to some of the following questions:

What is Community Supported Agriculture, and how is it playing out
within the city limits? How can we grow more healthy food locally and get it distributed in effective ways? How can we use gardening techniques that are affordable, sustainable and use less resources? And much, much more……..

Panelists include:

Andy Nowak – Slow Food Denver

Deb Shaefer - Denver Urban Gardens

Ellen Rosenthal – Living Earth Center

Lisa Rogers and Tom Sorenson – Feed Denver

Faatma Mahremanesh – Solarlivity

James Hale – Produce Denver

Debbie Dalrymple - Sense of Colorado

Jim Sincock – Rocky Mountain Grower’s Directory

Transition Denver is a group of local citizens who have joined the rapidly-growing, worldwide Transition Initiative Movement ( Transition Initiatives empower communities from the grassroots level to squarely face the challenges of peak oil, climate change and financial instability and find ways to collectively and drastically reduce carbon emissions, significantly rebuild resilience and strengthen our local economies.

This event is one of a series of Transition Denver events called Transition Tuesdays.

Contact Dana Miller at 303-300-3547 for details, or visit for information about this event or about Transition Denver, as well as the other Transition Initiatives springing up in Colorado and other cities around the United States.